I hope that in making this page, it will become easier to find and focus on the topics dealing with naturism and what I call Nude Psychology. Below you will find links to the naturist themes to be found here.

The first and most important post that needs to be brought here is: Why am I a NaturistAs the post points out, there are roots buried in our psyche for everything about us. As we shed light on all the stuff we have buried in our pasts, we begin to understand why we respond to the world, to relationships and to situations the way we do, often in ways that confuse us and leaving us to wonder, “Where in hell did that come from?”

Next is a series of posts called Naked Psychology 101, a series through which I hope to provide myself as well as the reader with a psychological way of understanding how we respond to nudity. This series actually takes its inspiration from another blogger, Will Forest, who looks at social nudity through the lens of philosophy and education. I do encourage you to read his book Co-ed Naked Philosophy. As I continue to expand upon this theme, I will put links here so that in the future it will be easier to follow the thread.

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 1

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 2

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 3

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 4

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 5

Naked Psychology 101 – Part 6


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  1. Liz Jefferson says:

    Hi Robert,
    I am also very interested in Jungian psychology and have enjoyed the blogs in which you quote Daryl Sharp’s publications from Inner City Books. I am running a twitter account for Inner City Books, and I wonder if you would be willing to check it out at @InnerCityBooks. If you felt so inclined, I would love to have your feedback or participation. We certainly follow you! Thanks, and best wishes for success in all your projects.

  2. Liz Jefferson says:

    Actually, I did not mean to post this to your website, but I could not find an email link to reach you! 🙂

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