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I am presenting all of my photo books here and offering them to you free for your own enjoyment.  The first book in the series called Through a Jungian Lens, called Swamplands and Soul, featured images taken in early 2009 while I was living in a Mayan fishing village in the Yucatan province in Mexico.  I don’t have a PDF of the book at this time, but I do hope to fix that problem in the relatively near future.  I do have a preview of the book which can be found here as well as ordered.  The first three books in the series are available in print format from Blurb.Com.  For those that want a “book” feel while online, I will also be putting the books on the Issuu.Com platform.  I will activate the words Issuu.Com when the books are ready.  To read the books or to save them for reading later, click on the book title that is underlined.

Book Five - Shadow and Light



The latest book in the series was published on August 2, 2011 and is available through the SoFoBoMo website where you can either read it online or download the book.  Of course, the book Through a Jungian Lens:  Shadow and Light  is also available for you here.  The book uses the idea of a human’s life through the metaphor of a set of railroad tracks.  One begins in darkness, takes a journey of growing consciousness only to fade away at the end back into darkness.  It is a journey of magic that has a happy ending.



Book Two - Tunnel Vision

Book Three - Hero's Journey

This is the third book in a series I call Through a Jungian Lens, Discovering The Hero Within. The book draws on Saskatchewan scenes for the photographic component and uses both Carl Gustav Jung and Joseph Campbell in order to trace the hero’s journey through midlife crisis.  As well as the text commentary, each photo is presented with a haiku poem.

This is the second book in the series, Tunnel Vision.  The book was built using photographs taken in June 2009 that were featuring the open prairie of Saskatchewan as the visual component.  The text component is almost story-like, almost poetry.

Sol and Luna

The fourth book in the series Sol and Luna:  On Becoming Whole, was published last summer using photos taken in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  A different visual approach was used as well as a different way to present text, the use of quotations without commentary.  All the photos were images of either the moon, the sun or reflections of the sun in some form or other.  The idea was to capture the essence of the masculine and the feminine archetypes.

The fifth book is due to appear in about two weeks from now (July 20th).  Of course, I will make it available here as well.

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  1. Noelle says:

    papa, you don’t have a link for book 1

  2. Noelle says:

    nevermind, i found it… lol

  3. Graham says:

    The links to these books comes up with Unavailable. I was really wanting to read your discovering the hero within.

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