Footprints on the Psyche and Soul of the Other

Morning evidence that she was here the night before.

As we move through life, we leave traces of our passage though we rarely see that evidence with our own eyes. For the most part, we are blind to the effect we have on others, and even blinder to the effect we have on the planet. It seems no matter how self-aware and other-aware we get, there is too much below the surface of consciousness, too many filters and complexes, to interfere in our ability to see the trail of cause and affect that we leave behind us as we journey through time and place.

I was having our usual morning coffee beside my wife, a silent ritual we share as we watch the world wake up outside the large windows in our living room. By chance, I noticed this footprint, my wife’s footprint, highlighted on the floor. Of course that meant time to take a photo. I knew that the photo was destined to make it here to serve as inspiration for today’s post.

The weather outside was darker than normal because of overcast conditions and a light rainfall. Yet, inside where we were warm, it didn’t feel as gloomy as it looked. Why? Without question, the answer lay in the affect the close presence of the other had on our mood. We continue to sit in silence well aware of the other’s presence. Whether we know it or not, we have both altered the destinies of the other as well as the self because of the footprints we have left and continue to leave on each other’s psyche and soul.

Is this because of choice or because it was written in the stars, a different level of choice?

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A retired Canadian educator and psychotherapist living in Mexico in the winter and in Canada the rest of the year.
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  1. Urspo says:

    have you an answer?

  2. Ariaga says:

    Un amical bonjour.

  3. Saddened says:

    Brent Erwin. “Chief” killed himself this last week. Our community is devastated.

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