Cracks in the Ice Freeing the Unconscious to Surface

Open water along the river

The past few days I found myself in northern Alberta near the town of High Prairie.  My daughter lives with her husband in a log cabin near this river. The first day we were visiting, the river was frozen over with a white cap of snow. Twenty-four hours later, the river began to appear in spots, free of the ice and snow beneath which it had been hidden for most of the winter.

I knew as soon as I had taken this photo, that I was going to use it for this post when I returned home. Like the river, this blog site is coming out of hibernation. Or, perhaps I should say, out of an incubation for beneath the surface of silence, there has been a significant amount of burbling and swirling that were stirring up the need to write here.

Where will this be going? I don’t know yet. I will have a few days to think about it before I settle on a theme for then next five or six weeks, after which I will be hiking in Europe with my wife on the European Peace Walk.

About rgl

A retired Canadian educator and psychotherapist living in Mexico in the winter and in Canada the rest of the year.
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