For the Women In My Life

When you look in the mirror repeat after me: "I am beautiful."

When you look in the mirror repeat after me: “I am beautiful.”

I am writing a different kind of post today, one that is for my daughters, my daughter-in-law, and all the women and girls that fill this incredible planet. This image is borrowed with hopes that no one takes issue with it’s use. This has been a man’s world for too long. It has been this way for so long that we think that this is the natural order of the universe. We have it encoded in our religions written and directed and lead by men who place women a step below men on the hierarchy of evolution.

Men rule the world by force and by subterfuge. We dominate by sheer muscle power, especially when our women are vulnerable. We built law codes that, for the most part, condone the practice of making women chattels of men, women as property. Century after century of male dominance has left both men and women believing that it has to be this way, that it is natural. Men rule the world by force out of fear. When humans are afraid, they flee the scene or they fight. Men fear women. The fight or flight response is instinctual. Men abandon women or they beat them.

In our modern world, it isn’t acceptable any more to do either.  So how do we keep women from realising their natural power as goddesses of creation? We use psychology and teach them that they need to buy a never-ending stream of products to use in order to be worthy. We create false models of perfection that teaches women to hate themselves, to hate their bodies, to devalue their power. We distract them from anything that might re-affirm their true worth as humans. We honour them and reward them when they accept these lies as truths.

So women starve themselves, punish their bodies to reach unrealistic models of perfection that becomes celebrated with riches and fame. Women are reduced to simply being bodies. When they look in the mirror they see the lie. They know that the image celebrated isn’t really who they are so they punish themselves even more in a desperate effort to be that mythical Madonna in a Barbie body.

Hidden inside, within these bodies tortured to excess, those bodies which have been abandoned, somewhere deep, are souls, the soulmates of men who are desperate for honesty, desperate for women who will allow them to be equals.

To all the women in my life, look deep within your eyes to find that light. Look into the mirror at your eyes. Suspend judgement and wonder at the depths that are there. Regardless of the body that frames your eyes, the body that is host to your soul, know that you are beautiful. Your body is a vessel that holds your essence, it isn’t your essence. Wonder at that and then re-approach your body with dignity, treating it with loving care. Embrace your body and your power as a woman.

Once you have ascended once again in your own eyes, you begin to teach men by example. It begins with love, not hate, embracing what is instead of fleeing from. Then it becomes a man’s task to love his own weakness, to embrace his vulnerability and his strengths. When this happens a man and a woman re-approach each other as equals with their union becoming the stuff of legends. The union of opposites that make a complete whole.

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A retired Canadian educator and psychotherapist living in Mexico in the winter and in Canada the rest of the year.
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5 Responses to For the Women In My Life

  1. Jean Raffa says:

    On behalf of all the women I know who may not read this post, I thank, you. This is beautiful and very well-said. I’m sharing it on my sites. Jeanie

  2. Jenna Ludwig says:

    Beautiful, Robert. Thank you.

  3. jo(e) says:

    Beautifully said.

  4. Betty-Lee Rider says:

    A good friend of yours shared this with me. If all women could just embrace this how
    wonderful we would feel. Thank you it is so true.

  5. Urspo says:

    I stop by regularly to read your posts; this one was one of your better ones, tender but spot-on.

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