Yes There Is A God – That Is All There Is

goduniverseI have been thinking and it has focused on what has emerged from my last posts, the duality that is consciousness and the unconscious. Black and white – a simple separation which together makes a complete whole. Whatever the whole is, it is both conscious and unconscious. I think this is what led Carl Gustav Jung to state that he knows God exists. The whole being God. That understanding of God embraces evolution as creation, an intentional/intelligent design for life. That said, the words “intentional/intelligent” become problematic in that it presupposes a thought process. What I sense is actually behind what we perceive as life is a unbounded universe that is simply aware – both conscious and unconscious – and that the emergence of light, form, and life serves as a mirror/reflection of the parts for the whole.

When everything is seen closely enough, there are no boundaries of separation between things – all simply appears as separate entities, people, etc – yet there is no real separation, just the illusion of separation.

So I go back again to God being the whole and it dawns on me that since the whole is God, the parts are also God. Yet we humans work so hard to create a God that is limited and contained. We need to limit God so that we can feel we are separate and whole and individual – after all, that is what our ego tells us, that is what our senses inform us, that is what others demand of us. We need to have a counterpoint to God who becomes human-like in white with a Devil who is also human-like in black.

When we live consciously, we make what we perceive as positive choices. When we live unconsciously, we get messy and act out without awareness, out of instinct which is messy, out of fear which is darkness.

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A retired Canadian educator and psychotherapist living in Mexico in the winter and in Canada the rest of the year.
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2 Responses to Yes There Is A God – That Is All There Is

  1. mark says:

    Hey RGL,

    I agree timelessness and God is a holistic process the mind can access, but there’s a big process of discovery needs to take place.

    BTW I think you’ll enjoy my experimental Jungian website. See Pyramid Art on the top menu. Register to join the quantum oracle experiment and please… check out the help tab when you get into it.


  2. Jean Whitred says:

    Robert, I so very much agree with you and wish that I could express deep truths in the simple and yet clear way that you seem to be able to do.

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